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Secure More Budgets with Digital Audio


Extend your reach and expand beyond your owned and operated inventory by reaching consumers within streaming radio, music, news and podcasts. The rise of podcasts, smart speakers, and connected cars highlights how nimbly digital audio serves as a companion for our routines and an integral part of our daily lives. Audio is flexible, ubiquitous, and unique in its ability to follow a user throughout their day


Target the Right Customers

Team Media brings the granularity of digital advertising to the Programmatic Audio  advertising world. Easily target audiences or households based on:

  • Geolocation 

  • Demographics

  • Interests 

  • Intents or InMarket

  • Genre 

  • Music, Podcast, Talk Radio

Choose the Channels or Publishers You Want

Whether you want to target the most popular Digital Audio streaming channels or Genres, Team Media has access to over 5,000 apps & channels for your digital audio advertising needs

  • Nationwide & Local News

  • Streaming Music

  • Streaming Radio 

  • Podcasts and Talk Radio 

Measure Your Performance

Team Media's platform gives you access to the same measurement capabilities as legacy digital ad placements:

  • Quartile Completion Rates 

  • View Through Conversions 

  • Lead Conversions

  • Foot Traffic Attribution 

  • Reach and Frequency 

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