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Digital Out of Home Advertising 


Plan and execute your digital out of home campaigns with efficiency and scale leveraging 121 partners and 37 different venue types. No need to contact 10 different partners in order to achieve scale and full coverage. Team Media provides a sole source provider for all your digital out of home needs. 

Target the Right Customers

Team Media brings the ability to target many different high quality digital outdoor media companies inventory, providing you with efficient execution and cost savings: 

  • Outdoor Billboards 

  • Outdoor Urban Panels 

  • Restaurants and Bars 

  • Convenient Stores and Gas Stations 

  • Grocery Stores 

  • Malls and Movies Theatres 

  • Schools and Universities 

  • Airports and Transit Stations 

  • Medical/Doctors Offices 

  • Offices and Apartment Buildings 

Choose the Channels or Publishers You Want

Whether you want to target the most popular outdoor environments or outdoor company's inventory. Team Media has access to over 720,000 placements, 121 outdoor partners and 37 different venue types for all your digital out of home advertising needs:

  • Clear Channel Outdoor 

  • Lamar Advertising

  • Outfront  

  • Grocery TV

  • Top Golf 

  • Screen Vision 

  • Uber and Lyft 

  • Social Indoor 

  • Branded Cities 

  • Intersection 

  • GSTV 

Measure Your Performance

Team Media's platform gives you the ability to report and measure inventory at a granular level providing meaningful insights and data that can inform better marketing decisions:


  • Impressions and Budgets

    • Individual Placements

    • Venue Types 

    • Media Owners 

    • Geographic Areas 

    • Foot Traffic Attribution 

    • Mobile Device Id's

    • Real Time Delivery Map

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