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5 Benefits of Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising

Consumers of today are constantly connected, whether they are at home, at work, or on the go. How can marketers reach these on-the-go customers when the typical consumer spends hours every day commuting to work, outside the office, and away from home?

Thankfully, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising provides a remedy.

Targeting, automation, and measurement are now elements of DOOH, along with the advantage of being able to reach customers at times when they most receptive and likely to respond to a well-placed message.

Here are 5 Benefits of Digital Out of Home Advertising

1. Integrate Your Brand Narrative Throughout the Customer Journey

Given that customers are exposed to DOOH media at various touch points as they go about their everyday lives, brands can strengthen their message and increase brand awareness. Moreover, brands can reach customers through digital signage at the point of purchase, which can be found at malls, supermarkets, and other retail establishments, as well as when they are on the way to purchase, such as at public transportation hubs or with roadside billboards. Lastly, brands can reach people when they are leisurely consuming content at doctors’ offices, car washes, airports and many more. DOOH that utilizing contextual surroundings and repeated exposure increases brand awareness, consideration, buying intent, foot traffic, and revenues more than other media channels when done right. In order to strengthen your brand message even further, marketers have the option to retarget consumers who have seen DOOH on a mobile device at a later time.

2. Utilize Your Data Wisely and Securely.

Although advertisers have always been interested in data, they have only recently started to fully investigate the possibility of using data to create and target audiences with DOOH. Marketers can learn which locations are commonly frequented by a certain audience with geo data research to better understand consumer movement patterns. Team Media receives non-PII data securely and as anonymized viewers, so there are no privacy or security concerns. Then, brands can use programmatic DOOH media in the locations where customers are most likely to be during particular hours of the day. Marketers can interact with customers in context by meeting them in places like the mall, the gym, or the elevators at their place of business.

3. Calculate a Clear ROI

Marketers used to frequently worry that out-of-home advertising made end-to-end measurement impossible. Today's data and technology make measurement possible and provides businesses and marketers with tangible results, Team Media collaborates with a limited set of top third-party measurement supplier to analyze brand lift, foot traffic, internet conversion, and sales lift. With Team Media DOOH technology, you can now determine how a programmatic DOOH campaign will affect a certain DMA or how cross-screen exposure will impact lower or upper funnel KPIs.

4. Use Media When and Where You need It.

Without the time to wait for banner specifications, printing, and installation, your outdoor campaign can be activated immediately. Using current technology and data, programmatic DOOH enables you to activate media where and when you need it. Digital out-of-home advertising can be effective whether you need to start a campaign swiftly, acquire additional funding for a last-minute push, or respond to breaking news right away.

5. Use High-Impact Creativity to Pack a Punch

Digital out-of-home advertising is for you if you want to create a big impact. DOOH gives advertisers unrivaled, high-impact formats that are certain to catch the attention of consumers. Place-based displays that seamlessly integrate in contextually relevant locations and large size screens that are impossible to ignore both provide effective ways to contact customers in the real world.

No matter what objectives you want to accomplish with your marketing initiatives, DOOH is a very potent and effective weapon that marketers are eager to use. There are consistently new and better innovations in the programmatic OOH sector, which in the past have led to the development of things like weather triggers or first-party data activation, all of which are elevating DOOH to the forefront.

Contact Team Media is you are interested in learning more about DOOH or need to run a DOOH campaign. We are here to help.

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